The Power of Food as Medicine

The exposure to dietary and environmental toxins leads to many health concerns and hormonal imbalances. The safe and effective combination of diet and herbal medicine, in the form of medicinal teas, helps to restore and maintain exceptional health.

Each Harmony Health tea has a specially formulated blend of herbs to
assist toxin elimination while supporting hormonal balance.

Our Story

Harmony Tea Co was developed by Dr. Wendy Davis, ND out of a desire to provide a complementary form of medicine that wouldn't further overwhelm her patients. Her belief in using the power of food as medicine, as well as her knowledge of the healing powers of plants, made the use of medicinal teas the perfect solution.

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Organic teas blended by a Naturopathic Doctor for optimal health

Our Mission

At Harmony Tea Co. it is our mission to provide superior quality, medicinal, organic teas to restore and maintain exceptional health;

One sip at a time.